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LATEST NEWS/Giving niggaz a reason to hate/
Welcome to the #1 Black Amateur Porn site online. We are a group of dudes that have a passion for the Reality Porn Niche. And we give it to you raw and uncut. Big Booty chicks getting down for the name of Porn. We been doing this for nearly 10 years and have over 100 scenes in the members area. It has never been a better time to join We give it to you just the way you like. Hardcore to the bone Nitty-Gritty Hardcore Porn. Log on today and peep why we have 100s of members.
Kitty, 21 / 5'3/ 132lbs Steelo Balls Out A Shy Big Booty College Freak!!!

May. 18thNo pussy like new pussy ya know?!!And we're Back on the muthafucking scene with new pussy ya dig??!! Ya boy Big K is back with another hood classic for that ass ya dig it's come up season for ya boy the holidays are gettin near and these hoes need dough. Lol and not all broads are fortunate enough come across a hood humanitarian like myself with the amount opportunity I'm willing to give ( A good fuck and maybe a few dollars that type of opportunity ya know lol) So you know. I stay ready to and looking for the finest hoes to ball out that this city has to offer. You already know!!!! In any case though I'm hunting for that that shorty with that radiant Ho-potential and if that force is strong with the broad I shoot an opportunity to her ya know. So in relation to searching for that special broad I found myself downtown in the city, A few days ago spreading the Chuuch to the countless potentials. Downtown Chicago Let me tell you it's a fucking goldmine full of potential Ball out contestants ya know. So shit I came up on a shit load of broads alone just walking up and down the streets alone. I seen a chick that caught my eye like a muthafucker in particular on my way back to the crib I don't really drive downtown cause parking downtown high than a bitch but that's another story yo. So anyway I'm taking the red line train back to the crib. I fucking see this big booty carmel freak looking good than a mug I mean she was fucking bad yo this chick had her Ipod on, listening to some music. So I'm peepin her all over and then approach her after I scoped out the young body to see if the requirements we're all filled so no doubt I hit her with a business card and tell her it's for adult modeling and she should come in to take some pics and maybe some video. But her attitude was nonchanlant about it she took the card but didn't seem really interested though. So I shrugged it off ya know another broad another day ya dig? Plus I had given out so many cards I know some pussy would wind up being reeled in to the ball out spot anyway. So fast forward a few days later I get a call about the business card I gave her and she wanted to know what it was about and she needed to make some money for school cause her financial aid didn't cover everything (Ah the good ol hard up for money females) I was surpised that she called but I instantly knew it was her when she called and told me where I met her at. Her voice was sounding sexy as hell you know how some females automatically have that sexy ass "Fuck Me Voice"? Well she's one of em no doubt. So I automatically knew as long as she was willing to meet up I could get it cracckin with her on camera ya dig. You already know So we meet up with shorty though. You already know I call up my fam Steelo and tell em I got a broad for us to ball the fuck out. So I pick fam up hit the liquor store and grab some blunts for us to get it poppin and knock out some guts we get shorty to come up to the young motel nearby and she was game as shit. We shot a few pics of her and I ask how much she needs to get some money for school. And she says she needs some paper really bad. I told her let us shoot a quick video of her you already know what it was So she tells us that she's been celibate for a while and hasn't fucked in about a years time ( trust you will see that she was right in this scene!!!!) I mean she got down once a lil weed got in her system she layed on the bed her ass was so fucking phat it would jiggle like jello real talk I mean her body was crazy. She could see it out eyes that we were bout to fuck the shit outua her she gave top notch head I mean her head game was insane you'd have to see it.She was like a fiend to a needle with some dick in a mouth. It was a definitey a wake up call that she needed some dick and just tried to hide it behind her school girl demeanor. And shiiiit once she got some dick in her it was a wrap you could tell she was losing her mind Her fucking was so memorable I'm not even gonna say how we made this broad lose her mind. It's a special surprise In this video that must peep in our members area. Real shit this scene was truly special. And I gaurentee it's a hood classic. We fucked this broad into a pleasure coma. Wanna see her body invaded. Well logon and enjoy this scene. we run this "Ghetto Amatuer Porn" Shit. To all my Die-Hard surfers and members. What's up! Fuck with us!!! You Already know what it is and what the fuck we do Big K - Da Capo 1/half of the Ball Out Kings!!!!

:Bonus Clip:
White Diamond 22/ 5'4/ 145lbs/ All Cock Sucking Mouth! All Big Booty Madness!

I was on the phone with this cute ass White Chick and she said something that blew me back, she said "Why you ain't got no white bitches on your site?" And that made me think. I came to my site and sure enough, I don't have any White Bitches on here. So I had to go to work cuz even my beloved members have been hammering us with requests to toss a White Bitch on here. Me, being the playa that I am put out a word "Seeking: Big Booty White Bitch needed-Called Deak!And before ya know I get a call from a chick calling herself "White-Diamond". I gave her the spiel that if she wants to be famous I can splatter her on my site. Ya know, she was telling me about how good she was at Sucking Dick, how much she liked to fuck, and said she has an ass that'll put a Black Girl to shame (that ranged the alarms!). I setup an appointment for her to come to our studio and when she walked in me and my crew mouths dropped to the floor cuz yes indeed, This White Broad had a Big Ol Round Meaty Ass. And she was very docile. I gave her some pre-interview questions and all she kept saying was "I'm ready to do this!" We took her in the back and this White Big Booty Hoe did the damn thing! Her Deep-Throat skills were 2nd to none. She'll take it deep into her mouth and I felt the back of her tonsils. She'll slippery-Slob my dick to the point where I have to tell her to slow down cuz I didn't want to pre-ejaculate. She was acting like this was the last dick she'll ever suck again. Then she bent over in the Doggy-Style! Oh! My! Fucking! Gotdam! This broad ass spreaded like a butterflies wings. I'm talking her waste-to-ass ratio was unbelievable! Can't beat a thin waste and Big Ass. This broad was a freak cuz she was slamming that ass up against my pelvic and dam near knocking my ass down. That ass was clapping, flapping, and dancing all over the place. Her bootyhole be winking at you at every thrust. Yea, this that nasty type hardcore fucking man! In fact, it felt so good I made a mistake a nutted in the pussy. This girl did her thing! This is a must see scene! I'm so blown away that I think our next 3 video's will feature White Chicks... Log on RIGHT NOW to see this video!

*Warning: If you have Heart Conditions, Pregnant, or asthma, Please do not log on. This video is just that aggressive and intense!
--Playboy-Deak, War Chief

:Bonus Clip:
Yolanda & Candy/22 & 20/ 5'7,5'1/ 145lbs,120lbs/ Welcum th the thunderdome!!!
When it comes to Black Amateur Porn. I am your king! I love porn just as much as you do. So with that being said. Here's one of the most Raunchiest, Freakiest, Ghettoish, No laws or rules porn scene that have EVER been filmed. Let's give a shout-out to my potnaz in crime I took a lil trip to Detroit for SuperBowl Weekend. I informed my Detroit Boys that I was gonna be touching base there and my homey Ghetto started making power moves to all available Detroit Hoes. Ya see, we got a room up in one of those expensive Hotel Suites... Earlier in the day, Downtown Detroit was DEAD! But as the day progressed. Ghetto hit me up and said he's gonna served 3 or 4 bitches for some Porn Scenes. Before the night was over with. I was 3 scenes deep into some High Quality Amateur Ghetto Porn.
This week's update is Two of Detroit's most FREAKIEST Girls. I can't express how well they performed. You just gotta see it! We set-up a time to all meet. Now we do our shit Reality-Style. We off in the room Smoking Weed. I bought a 5th of Hennessy and we all was crispy. We started the scene with my boy Sin & Yolanda. Then little Candy shows up at the door. And she claims to be the "Midwest Queen of Cock-Slurping". Now, both Yolanda & Candy are battling over who can suck the best dick. They gobbling, slurping, slobbing all on the dick. Then Yolanda saddle'd up Sin and gave him the ride of a lifetime while Candy sucked his balls. Sin would dip his dick outta Yolanda's pussy and put it in candy's mouth and then the girls would kiss each other like little Porn Girls supposed to do. Sin then started ferociously fucking Yolanda is the asshole. She was screamin Oo-ooooooooooo and when he backed-off. He'll put his dick in Candy's mouth and she slurp em clean. And even Ghetto got in the mix and put his dick in Candy's mouth. Then, one of Sin's homeboys come in the room and put his dick into Candy's mouth and remember. She says she's "Queen of Cock Sucking". So she giving them both Deep throat action while Sin is in the far corner eating Yolanda's pussy. They switching up and getting Buckwild in the room. Everywhere I placed my hand there was a Wet Spot. The room was soaked with freakiness! Even the walls were moist. So when the climax scene came for Sin. He nutted in both they mouths, then they did the Cum-Swap maneuver by kissing each other then let the Hot Liquid slide out there mouths back onto Sin's dick. Dam, this is a MUST SEE scene! Log on now to check it out!..... O yeah, even I stuck my dick in Candy's mouth and nutted on her face at the end. I just had to!!!! See yall in the member's area!
Detroit Ghetto Hoes putting it down!
:Bonus Clip:

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Thick Lela , 20/ 5'7/ 185lbs Steelo Bags A Thick One To The Ball Out Couch!!!

Back again with that pure 100% Uncut Raw Ghetto Porn Shout out to my mans Bo$$ Kon a.k.a. Konflict from Akron to the Chi real recognize real ya dig. Mark my word this nigga reps the Midwest. But moving along You already know what it is "Big K- Da Capo" Back again bitches!!!! Man this one is fresh from the ball out couch ya dig me!!!Ya dig it's hot out and freaks of all sorts are out looking to get dick-down by the "Freakydeak crew". It's been hot as hell these last few days ya dig. Me and steelo been out grinding looking for the hoes, bussa's and sluts to fuck on cam ya dig. I like new hoes ya and so you'll see the coming results furtherin the future cause we got some good shit from all over. You'll see so stay tuned for that. But dig it's been hot out so me and Steelo go bustdown hunting from time to time ya dig walking around lookin for a bitch to get at on cam. We roll down a few blocks you know just chillen and shit. So we come to see a nice thick carmel shorty sitting on the bus stop. We rolled up on her spittin a lil game to her to see what's cracking with her. I'm tellin you real talk she had an attitude but truthfully fuck an attitude they're made to be broken down and conquered. And that's exactly what we do we break em down bust em down and send em out with nothing but hard dick and bubble gum. So the broad has an instant attitude off back which is cool. She talked all this I'm busy and got shit to to do talk. ( Broads be lying especially on a damn bus stop though you ain't going nowhere too important ya dig.) So we talked to her a lil bit... she was steady giving up drama so to get this on and poppin for what we were about I gave the broad like a lil change ya know just for convo( it's game cause we all fucked after that though. And I took my dough back lol) So after a lil game of cat and mouse with the bitch we get her thick ass to the young "Freakydeak Ball Out Couch". We had her taking a few pics drinking on some henessy and shit ya dig to get her loose. So you know it's already a wrap cause she in the crib half naked already and tipsy!!!!! So we gave her the typical bustdown questionaire routine while she loose and shit. Next thing you know I ask her to give my guy some head and she's game she was a pretty thick broad too. So you know the head was on point she had the nice wet mouth piece too slobbin and spitting ya know that freakyshit we all know and like and deepthroats like muthafucking champ. I dig when a bitch is sucking a dick and makes it enjoyable for everybody this broad didn't wanna take a dick out her mouth literally. Steelo was balling this bitch face out for real giving Lela some intense face fucking ya dig I'm talking grabbing the skull and ramming the bitch face and shit! You gotta love face fucking a bitch I know I do no doubt lol! This bitch was freaky as fuck too. I love a bitch with an attitude gettin fucked cause you come to know the bitch ain't shit and you really break the bitch in to knowing who running this shit. The bitch was gettin balled out all type of directions I'm talking hair pulling choking and fucking Hardcore ya dig! Peep it out and enojoy!!! This is a scene you don't wanna miss out on the phat ass it was crazy no doubt !!!! "The Kings Of Ghetto Amatuer Porn"!! Going hard with no signs of slowing down ya dig. It's a hot summer!!! You still ain't seen shit yet. We stay keep grinding. Balling these bitches til wheels fall off!! This summer and this porn shit is ours ya dig!!! Big K - Da Capo

:Bonus Clip:

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Lela, 22/ 4'11/ 120lbs The return of Lela lil cute ass... Raw Dog Baby!!!
Wussup to everyone that frequents my site. Out with the old, in with the new. I can't begin to tell yall how far we're gonna take this Amateur Porn Shit. Been at it for 10 years.
For my Die-Hard surfers that frequent my site. Do yall remember Lela? If not, Search around the site to see how I 1st met her. Well, I liked Lela Lil Cute Ass. We actually started to kick it in a relationship for a few months. She was all good cuz she understood that I was a playa and I fucked a lot of hoes. I mean dam, she's a stripper herself. So thats like a couple made in heaven. A lot of cats emailed me asking why did I have on a rubber when she was sucking my dick the last time. The reason is cuz I was fucking her friend that day with a rubber and every so often I'll take my dick out the pussy and let Lela suck on it. Then the members wanted to know why was I fucking the darker chick instead of Lela. Well, Lela was on her period that day so thats how that went. Now, here we are again.... With Lela!!! And O boy she looks cuter than ever. Cute button nose. Perfect symmetric face. Pretty Smile. She has the little girl look. She's still short as hell. About 4'11. Cool Ass Personality. But since cats steady email me asking about her. I decided to do another scene with her and kick off the 2k6 with it. We got High & Drunk and she came in with a nice looking lil ol hooker type outfit on. She was impressively teasing the camera. As she was doing that she was turning herself on. She slowly approach me on the edge of the bed, unzipped my pants and wrapped those Candy-Coated Lips around my dick. On a scale of 1-10, I'll give her an 11. She knows how to suck some dick. She twirls on the head and deep throats. I felt the back of her throat with the tip of my head making her gag at times. After all that shit, I said fuck it. She helped me tear off my clothes and I put my dick deep inside her. Nailing her ass like a picture to a wall. She came like 3 times. As you can see in this pic here. I hit it hard from the back and I even tried to put it in her asshole. We tried but her asshole just to little & tight. She screamed everytime I jammed her. So after all the fucking. I wanted to nut on her cute little face. And that's exactly what I did. She caught a big batch of nut right across her melon. Boo-Yaaaahhhhhhh!!!
-- Playboy-Deak: Master of Black Ghetto Porn
:Bonus Clip:

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Additional Collection "FreakyDeak's" Freaky Bitches