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Destiny, 23/ 5'6/140lbs/ Fat Juicy Booty/ Had to fuck my cousins hoe

Ok yall, heed ya ear and open ya attention levels to the max so you can understand this story. Might be a lil off cue I'm burning a fatty while writing. Ok, one day while I'm in the Boom-Boom-Room my cousin brings over this 18 yr old hood bitch. I'm thinking like ok, time to shoot a scene with this hoe. The broad even steppedin the room and in 3 minutes flat she pulled down her pants 1/2 way where I gotta sneak peak of her goods. WhenI saw the ass on this hoe I was like DAYUM! So, to my surprise my cuz stops her 1/2 way while she was pullingher pants down. I was Shell-Shocked cuz he disobeyed rule#3 of the Boom-Boom-Room rules, codes, & policies. Rule#3 is EVERY hoe that cross my threshold get fucked my ANYONE thats in the room. She's here to be chosed not to do the choosen. I didn't want to enforce the rule right away so I just went along with what was happenin'. To my 2ndsurprise, he took her in another room and fucked her (Rule#6-Playaz are to share their hoe with fellow in-house playaz). So, while he fucking her I called my other homey to come through cuz I thought we had some ass to run. Well, he gets funish fucking the hoe and when my other homeboy ranged the bell, he went an answered, while he went to answer the door I made the hoe bend over so I can oil those Fat Ass Cheeks up. When this Fruit-Booty ass nigga walks back into the room he told me to chill cuz it wasn't that kinda party with this girl. That move got him X'd out the crew right their where he stood (Rule#9-NEVER housewife a hoe). We had our lil words and he exited with the hoe in tow. So now, yesterday I'm rolling to this early morning chronic pick-up and I see this hoe waiting for the bus (I swear, I REALLY did want to fuck this hoe!). So I swerved over & told her I'm going to pick up a Chronic sack and told her to hop in for the ride. So, we get the Chronic and stopped at the liquor store to get her that Seagrams Apple Vodka (or whatever the hell it is) drink. I get this hoe back at the crib and I swear, she dropped them pants and her ass is just FAT. I swear, This lil rat had a FAT ASS fam! Yall see the pix.. I'm in here fucking my cousins hoodrat ass hoe. I'm so pissed I didnt fuck her the 1st time that I just fuck the shit outta of her this time....

Here's the Checklist:

Did I talk shit to this hoe? Did she suck my dick? Did she ride my dick? Dick I fuck her FAT ASS from the back? Dick her pussy get wetter than Niagara Falls? Did her pussy make the Squish-Squash-Gooshey-Goosh Sounds? Did I nut on her face? Did I give her Bus Fare home? My name is Deak, holla at me in the members area!

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